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We Can Know More Than We Can Tell, 2015

Audio installation, poster

Duration 00:15:35

Various dimensions

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, 2015
Malmo Art Museum, 2015

In We Can Know More Than We Can Tell Laila Svensgaard investigates various aspects of sharing artistic knowledge. Through conversations with selected Danish artists, she asks what relevant knowledge is in artistic work and practice, and how this knowledge is stored and circulated.

The title we can know more than we can tell comes from the book The Tacit Dimension (1996) by Hungarian-British scientist and philosopher Michael Polanyi. Svensgaard is interested in precisely this tacit dimension, meaning the silent or unspoken dimension to knowledge production that doesn't happen consciously but is integrated in actions. This is reflected in Svengaard's project as something existing in the exchange that takes place in artistic work, as in studio visits or artist talks. Through sound

Photos: Helene Garberg, Laila Svensgaard