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Laila Svensgaard Drawing
Solo exhibition and performance
Eks-rummet, Copenhagen, DK
05.05.2016 – 29.05.2016

"Laila Svensgaard Drawing" was a two-part operation of performance and exhibition. It was an investigation into the experience of space and history, in the private and the in collective.

The performance addressed ways we experience space, which access we have to different spaces and ways personal history and collective history can embed and inform each other in body and act.

For two weeks daily Laila Svensgaard was drawing on the floor of the gallery. The audience was allowed access to the gallery, but denied access to the sound Svensgaard was drawing to. Wearing headphones she was drawing to an audio recording of her own voice reading aloud Virginia Woolf’s ”A Room of One’s Own”. In this act of transcription the body and voice was examined as a canal through through which knowledge and experience can be conducted.

Photos: Laila Svensgaard