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Arkiv (Archive), 2015

B/W Pinhole Silver Gelatine Prints

Ark. Issue no. 109 (2015:4)

Visual artist Laila Svensgaard (born 1974) is behind the final issue in the series jornARKivet. ARK-mappen consist this time of 3 pinhole camera images specifically made for ARK. The photographs are recorded in a camera box, which is a precise but miniature copy of the proportions of the archive room at Museum Jorn. The light sensitive paper in the box has consequently been developed at the staff bathroom at the museum, which for the occasion was transformed into a mobile darkroom. Seen this way one can state that the Jorn Archive has photographed itself!

Laila Svensgaard challenges our conception and understanding of the archive room with her beautiful and remarkable pictures. At the same time she enters into a dialogue with Asger Jorn, which also produced 'light drawings' in dark rooms with the use of a camera.

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Photos: Laila Svensgaard