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"My approach to drawing is performative. I consider my drawings traces of my body and mind. My physical body is a vessel that records the world in which I live. It records sound, motion, colour, smell, and texture. My drawings are transcriptions of these recordings. My drawings are made in layers just as the recordings that my body, memory, voice and mind are composed of are in layers. I keep layering until the complexity of the drawing matches the complexity of the recorded layers in my body.

I draw on paper with inks and pencil. These materials leave a physical trace of me in the drawing. In the process of making a drawing there is no distinction between the drawing, the materials I draw with and on and the body that draws. At that very point of creation the material, the intension and form is united in the one act of drawing."
One Hundred Drawings / Writing Sound (2016-2017)
Monochrome Body Drawings (2015 - )